Taryn Kleinberg is a main/recurring character.


Taryn just got divorced and moved from Houston to start a new life next door to Wendell and Vinnie. Energetic, upbeat, and sweetly spirited, Taryn is the voice of reason that keeps everyone grounded as she searches for what's next in her life. She quickly finds herself growing close to Wendell and Vinnie, becoming a part of their unique family unit! She'd get even closer if Vinnie had his way.


Taryn is a neighbor of Wendell and Vinnie. She lives in Apartment 5A of Mr. Lipshitz's condo complex and hails from Houston, Texas. She can never seem to find a job, no matter how hard she tries. She considers herself a good cook, but her meals always go wrong: her kung-pao chicken in "Vinnie & Wendell" made Wendell burst out into an allergic reaction, her snacks in "Wendell & the Sleepover" started a fire, and her soup in "Sick & Tired" became contaminated by Taryn's own sneezing. She is usually left to clean up the messes that Wendell and Vinnie cause, both figuratively and literally.

Taryn is the most level-headed of the group. As a result of the others' quirkiness, she usually suffers through a lot of misfortunes and embarrassing moments without ever doing anything wrong. In "Vinnie & Wendell", she makes Vinnie look good in front of a social services inspector by pretending that she was seeking wise Vinnie's counsel. Vinnie keeps up the ruse by pretending that she was asking him about her deodorant, which he claims isn't working before pushing her out of the apartment. In "Abra & Cadabra", Taryn volunteers to be Wendell's assistant for his magic act after his friend Lacy declines. She dresses in a revealing tight suit with fishnet and sequins. However, the suit is too small for her and the front of it tears off while she's on stage, revealing her bare breasts to the entire audience. In "Valentines & the Cultural Experience", Taryn accepts Vinnie's offer for a non-romantic date and goes through a lot of trouble to decorate her apartment for the occasion. However, Vinnie tells her that he can't make it. In "Sick & Tired", Vinnie pretends to check up on Taryn when she is sick, but it turns out that he just wanted her to babysit Wendell for him. In "First Dances & Last Chances", Taryn realizes she loves Vinnie and kisses him, only for Vinnie to say that he's involved with someone else.

Taryn doesn't like to talk about it, but she was married for a very brief time back in Houston. Taryn says that her ex-husband leaving her was the best thing that ever happened to her, which she also admits makes her life sound even more awful than it is.



Taryn is a curvaceous young woman with red hair. She is often seen jogging in revealing booty shorts and a tank top that bares her midriff. When she isn't exercising, she usually wears a dress of some kind or a casual outfit.


  • She is the only main character without the last name Bassett.
  • She is the only character who is ever seen partially naked on the show. She was seen topless in "Abra & Cadabra," but only from the back.
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