Vinnie Bassett is one of the main characters.


Meet Vinnie, the ultimate man-boy! When he's not tending to his pop culture memorabilia business, you can find him playing video games, reading comic books, and eating junk food. Sure, he is Wendell's uncle and now legal guardian, but there's no denying who the true kid really is. Vinnie has a thing or two to learn about raising a kid, but Wendell just may be the perfect teacher!


Vinnie is Wendell's uncle and caretaker. While it would not be completely incorrect to call him carefree, he is truly devoted to his position as a makeshift dad. He tries his best to keep Wendell happy while also tending to his childlike obsessions. However, this proves to be very difficult and he's often faced with tough decisions between embracing his inner child and manning up to keep Wendell safe. He always chooses the latter and seems to be slowly growing up bit by bit every time.

Vinnie is a fan of numerous real-life movies and franchises. He is known to love Star Wars and owns an original lightsaber from Episode IV that was partially destroyed in "Vinnie & Wendell". He also has a remote-control drone that he uses to carry potato chips. The walls of Vinnie's apartment are decorated with posters from films like Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Raiders of the Lost Ark. A poster for Tuttle and the Mummy is also seen very often, but it's not a real film.



Vinnie's clothing is usually casual but not sloppy. Many of his outfits include an unbuttoned shirt and jeans. He occasionally wears extravagant attires, like a bird costume in the second intro.


  • Vinnie is Jerry Trainor's most recent starring role on a television show.
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