Wendell Bassett is one of the main characters.


Wendell is an incredibly intelligent kid, who is proud of his high-minded hobbies. Scrapbooking instead of Little League? Definitely. Political discussion over watching cartoons? Absolutely! Wendell is optimistic and proud of his uniqueness, but he's still willing to try new things, including raising his uncle!


Wendell is exceptionally gifted when it comes to intelligence and memory. He is physically weak and clueless when it comes to sports or pop culture, but he makes up for his lack of social skills with kindness. He thinks that he needs to be smart in order to stand out from the crowd, but his uncle Vinnie knows that he just needs to be himself.

Wendell lived with his real parents (Gary and Rhonda Bassett) until six months before the events of the series, when they died. Although Wendell does not fully realize it, his parents always knew he was a perfect fit for Vinnie, since he can help Vinnie learn to grow up.



Wendell always wears preppy clothing and "rocks a sweater vest like no one else" according to Vinnie. Most of his outfits include belts, cargo pants, and collared shirts. He occasionally wears neckties and bow ties.


  • Wendell and Wilma Bassett share the same initials.
  • Despite his knowledge, it is revealed in "Sick & Tired" that random predicaments always prevent Wendell from winning the school spelling bee.
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