Wilma Bassett is one of the main characters.


Wilma is a successful personal injury attorney who takes living by the rules very seriously! So, it's no surprise that she often frowns upon Vinnie's laid-back lifestyle. She has her own ideas of how her nephew, Wendell, should be raised (and she's not afraid to say it). She's actually not afraid to say anything to anyone, ever... making Wilma someone you don't want to mess with.


Wilma is Vinnie's headstrong, determined, and sometimes frightening older sister who takes everything seriously. She cares a lot for Wendell and, at first, wishes that she had been granted custody of him instead of her brother. However, she knows that despite his lack of seriousness, Vinnie is the perfect fit for Wendell and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Wilma doesn't live in Mr. Lipshitz's condo complex like the other three main characters, but shows up in Vinnie's apartment all the time.

A running gag is that Wilma is completely desperate to get in a relationship with a man. She has reportedly been banned from the online dating website, which she once used to get a date with Aziz. Aziz ended up hating her, since she lied all about herself on her profile, and they are now frenemies.



Wilma almost always wears one of her several formal business suits, most commonly a gray one. She usually has a wristwatch and a cell phone with her and occasionally wears extravagant jewelry as well.

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